Commercial Bay Lighting

Commercial bay lighting is a very versatile and attractive choice for your office or store. It is simple to install, provides several levels of illumination, and is easy to maintain. There are some simple steps to help you get the most out of your lighting.
Before installing lighting in the bay, you need to determine the area where the light will be needed most. If the bay is used only by one employee then a desk lamp may be sufficient. But if it is a busy area with many people using the bay at once, then the lighting should be more dramatic. Choose your lighting carefully so that you do not end up with a cluttered look or a dark look in the bay.

Now you need to determine what type of lighting you need. The basic types are spot, soft, and accent. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide how much lighting you need, and what kind of lighting you will want. You also need to determine where you will be placing the commercial bay lighting. Since the bay is usually small, it is easy to place it in a corner. Consider placement where the bay will not have a lot of traffic so that it can be easy to spot and illuminate at all times.

When deciding which type of light you want, consider the type of business you run. The lighting needs to be appropriate for the type of business you are running. It is usually best to choose a high wattage light to provide a great deal of illumination. However, if the bay is not too large or wide, then a low wattage light may be adequate. Remember, too, that the brighter the light, the easier it is to spot people and their activities. Spot lights are often used in very small areas, because they are often very effective. They are great for teaching and guiding people in certain directions. Spot lights are commonly used in the food court in a mall or in a children's play area.

Soft lights are commonly used in a large room where people are hanging out. These lights are perfect for reading magazines or watching television together. Soft lights also provide the added benefit of being safe. Soft lights are less likely to burn and cause serious eye irritation than hard lights. Accent lights are usually used for accent. Accent lights often hang from the ceiling or can be suspended from rods. They are perfect for accentuating a painting on a wall. It can also be used in a large room to highlight specific features.

In a store, a well-lit bay is a sign of professionalism. Because the lighting is soft, you will easily be able to see when customers come into the store. This will make it easier for the customer to make a purchase and take care of their items. You also need to consider the type of environment you are trying to create with your commercial bay lighting. A brightly lit bay can cause people to avoid the area or feel self-conscious. To be successful in this type of atmosphere, you need to create a calm and peaceful ambiance. Make sure that the lighting you choose matches the mood you are trying to create.

You also need to consider how much lighting you will need. For large spaces, a multiple level lighting system is often required. In addition, if the lighting is being used only by one employee, you may find that the dimmer switch is sufficient. Once you have chosen the type of lighting you need, you will have a clearer picture of how to position your commercial bay lighting. You can either install it yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, it is worth it to give it a try so that you will have a beautiful, functional lighting system in your office or store.